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Discover what pure consciousness is and your relationship to it. Who are you really and how can you connect more deeply with Parama Purusha is the subject of this podcast.

We are at the beginning of a new year and a new era. We have the opportunity now, more than ever to shift our consciousness, and the way in which we live here on Earth.  The opport...

This is a special New Year's message by Baba with Maetreyii Ma.  

Discover how the meaning of the words love, ananda, and consciousness, are different and how you can deepen your understanding and connection with your infinite being.

Who are you really? What is your relationship to your essential self that which is closer than your very breath?

Enjoy this kirtan of devotional songs with Liam Nolan.

Our human condition is often filled with struggle, suffering, and challenges. Sometimes we forget who we really are and when we do we allow life's challenges to dictate how we feel...

In this podcast reconnect with the joy of living and being grateful for everything that comes your way rather than focusing on the challenges and negativity.

What motivates us to achieve things in the world or to have a happy life? What are the ways in which we are often motivated to achieve success in the world? Why does achieving succ...

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