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Find out more about the yogic philosophy of the play of masculine and feminine energies in the universe.

How to Transcend Fear

During these challenging times, you may be experiencing days where you feel fearful about the future. Learning how you can connect with the Source of who you are and to sustain tha...

There is a path to true happiness and fulfillment. When you open your heart with sincerity, and a deep willingness to let go and surrender fully to the Divine you will find your co...

Discover the true meaning of what Easter means and how by understanding the deeper meaning you can resurrect yourself and have a deeper connection with your Essential Nature.

How to Train the Mind

If you desire to become more adept at quieting your mind and cultivating inner stillness this podcast will assist you. 

Have you ever wanted to feel more connected with life and wondered why you aren't?  Listen to this podcast and find out how you can.

The One True Love

Please note there may be a few seconds of silence before this talk begins.   There are many different ways in which we can feel love but only one that is the most complete and true...

Find out how to develop true discrimination, Vairagya, and detachment, Viveka.  These two principles of yoga philosophy are very important to cultivate if you are to maintain balan...

Find out what the true nature of love is in its most expanded state as unconditional love and how you can connect with it. 

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