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How can we as a society come to terms with all the ramifications of climate change?  How can we work together and find ways to shift our way of living so that we can be better prep...

What does it mean to become one with all that is?  What happens when you awaken to your True Nature? How does awakening change one's life?

Learn how you can calm your mind and emotions when you are practicing meditation.  

Q.&A. on Birth and Death

Understanding the nature of death and birth can we choose when we die? Find out more about this fascinating topic.

What makes humans different from animals?  Why do we have the gift of being able to self-reflect and become self-aware?  How can this bring us closer to our True Nature? These are ...

How we come into a body as a soul, how our karma affects our birth, and how we leave when we are ready to do so is explored in this fascinating discussion on birth and death.

Who are you really?  What is your unchanging unlimited self and how can you connect with it. Find out in this podcast.

What is pure consciousness and what is our relationship with it? Discover what is changeless and always present as the point of singularity.

There are many different types of people some who are focused on the material world and who are more carbonic and those who are focused more on the spiritual realms and higher freq...

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