The language of the heart is the language of the infinite, the mind seeks rational development, seeks rational thought, seeks to know, to understand, to classify. The mind has a closer relationship to the brain and the physical body than does the heart. They are the two aspects of being, of consciousness. When consciousness runs through the brain and body mechanisms, the rational mind comes into view so the rational mind is limited by circumstantial evidence, experience, and the degree of knowledge in the intellect. Join us for a discussion on how to fully explore the relationship between you physical and spiritual beings. 




About  Maetreyii Ma Nolan, Ph.D.


In addition to writing 8 books, doing lecture tours, and maintaining an ashram in Northern California, Maetreyii Ma is a licensed Transpersonal Psychologist and an Acharya, or ordained yogic minister. Maetreyii Ma refers to herself as an “everyday mystic,” for good reason. Her talks are as practical as they are esoteric. She’s spent her adult life helping people understand, heal, and grow through love. 


Since 1969, Maetreyii Ma has been a student of Shrii Shrii Anandamurti, affectionately known as Baba, In 1970 she began to have profound mystical experiences of the Divine and experience the inner presence of her Guru. Baba's inner presence brought a deep experience of the endless love and compassion of the Divine, perfect beauty and wisdom, and the unconditional love and overflowing grace of the Sadguru.


You can visit her website here:


About Maetreyii Ma’s Works

Over the past decades, Maetreyii Ma has delivered over 1,000 presentations to a wide variety of audiences. Her latest project is to make those presentations available to the widest possible audience.


Maetreyii Ma talks fall into six main categories:


 1.  The Power and Nature of Love

 2.  Self Realization, Spirituality, and Awakening 

 3.  Dharma, Society & Karma

 4.  Working with the Mind & Emotions

 5.  Relationships & Samgha 

 6.  Science & Cosmology 


The Baba Flow


Maetreyii Ma’s talks are based on a spiritual process called Baba Flow. The Baba flow is an intuitive flow of spiritual guidance and teachings from the deep inner essence, the one essential Source known by many names. In the Baba Talks, Maetreyii Ma, in a deep state of Bhava, or devotional absorption, opens to this Source and allows the teachings to flow through.


About Ananda Gurukula


Maetreyii Ma is President of Ananda Gurukula, a non-profit organization dedicated to awakening the human spirit and sharing the ancient mystic wisdom of yoga. Through Ananda Gurukula, Maetreyii Ma is able to offer meditation practices, mentoring, meditation and yoga wisdom retreats, webinars and workshops on the ancient knowledge of yogic teachings.  In addition to local weekly meditation evenings, called Dharmachakra, there is a third Friday Kirtan, and a first Friday Satsanga. Readers in the Santa Rosa area are invited to attend our events at the Ashram. Simply go to and look under events. 


For those who do not live in the local Santa Rosa area, Maetreyii Ma offers talks and workshops as webinars. You can find out more about these at  


In addition, Ananda Gurukula publishes books and the Baba inspirational writings on many subjects. See more about Maetreyii Ma’s books at


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